Monday, September 05, 2005

Welcome to the Hippy Gourmet Blog!

We’re really excited to offer this new place where everyone can begin to share their favorite stories, family recipes, make suggestions for our series, or meet other like-minded, gourmet hippies out there!

At the bottom of each blog posting is a ‘comment’ link - simply select this and you will be able to communicate anything you like with the rest of the Hippy Gourmet community on-line.

We will be selecting some of the best stories, recipes and suggestions to enter our monthly contest, where the winners will receive really cool stuff from us!

So you are cordially invited to ‘comment’ to my blog here and get the ball rolling!

James Ehrlich
The Hippy Gourmet TV Show


yackybear said...

A Treasure Map,I know it is ,I inherited An old map art piece titled,"A Complete Map for Pilots Showing Long Island, New York and all nearby Pastures for Flying Machines" Socked into Metal for Ed Sonner,U.S.Army by the old Metal Socker Eric Sloane,dated 1937 all the documentation is pressed between the glass and the piece and it's obsured by a "Temporary Airman Certificate" and a "Quiet Birdman" ID Card No.5066A, inscribed: "The bearer is a member of ye Anciente and Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen ans is a certified goodfellow he has mounted alone into the realms beyond the reach of keewee and modoc and should be accorded all gestures of friendship and aid by fellow Quiet Birdmen wherever they may meet"...I am the bearer of the QB card and the Map, I'm feeling alone in the realms beyond keewee and modoc, as the bearer of this informative Map...any QB or Pilots wanting to see it, check back when I figure out my digicam, I'll post a pic....untill then clear flying what ever realm you may be in...The Dude...

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to hear from your sensible blog and my 60th decade of (hippy type) life, never thought I would see raging arguments about global warming and the theory of evolution! Bring back the Scopes monkey trial!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hippie Gourmet, is your show still running?
Noticed the blog hasn't been active for a little while.