Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Hippy Gourmet meets Al Gore

Vancouver, BC June 1, 2006 -
Traveling through the Vancouver Airport, the Hippy Gourmet production team ran into former Vice President Al Gore, who was on his way to do interviews about his recent film “An Inconvenient Truth” Mr. Gore was gracious to stop and chat with us about his film and to also talk briefly about his recent film festival awards with Farmer John Peterson (regarding his film, “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”). President Gore was extremely approachable yet warmly evaded our questions about him running for office in 2008! The Hippy Gourmet will be featuring the interview with Al Gore and a movie review, along with links for viewing a trailer and participating with the film through the Hippy Gourmet website.

The Behind the Scenes Story of The Hippy Gourmet – Here is a recent sample article available for publishing that explains the history of the show, its founding producers, director James Ehrlich and host (Hippy Gourmet) Bruce Brennan.

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