Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Hippy Gourmet Travels to Vancouver and Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The Hippy Gourmet TV Show announced today that they will begin a 10-day filming tour of Vancouver and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The series of shows filmed in high-definition will be available for global distribution beginning in October of 2006, and will feature some of Vancouver’s best restaurants and chefs. Each episode will focus on a specific restaurant and will include highlighted segments on local produce that is organic, sustainable and connected directly to each chef’s unique perspective on regional ingredients.

Sponsored in part by the Vancouver, Vancouver Island and British Columbia Boards of Tourism, the Hippy Gourmet TV show will tour and film some of the beautiful and exotic natural locations this area has to offer, combining this with interviews and cooking segments from the top restaurants and chefs.

Available through PBS nationally, through public cable and Google Video, The Hippy Gourmet TV Show reaches over 6 million homes weekly and is in its sixth season of production.

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