Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer heat and cool ideas from the Hippy Gourmet newsletter!

In last month's newsletter we mentioned our continued mantra
for peace on earth and especially in Iraq and Darfur,
amongst other places.

We were so thrilled to receive so many warm and supportive
e-mails thanking us for our message of peace, and were
even happier to receive letters from viewers who weren't
happy with what they felt was 'unpatriotic rhetoric,'
coming from what they thought was a PBS cooking show.

Well of course we are a television cooking series,
but we also feel that it's a celebration of taking
part in this great democracy we live in by questioning
the logic and rationale for going to war, and for
advocating peace. Sincerely, peace should not be
considered a political stance, but rather a humane
approach to life, liberty, love and the free pursuit
of happiness.

For the record, The Hippy Gourmet TV Show has received
a number of e-mails from soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan,
Kuwait and serving from around the world. We have even
received DVD orders for holidays and birthdays from
soldiers back to their families...for which we go out
of our way to shower their families with free goodies,
while not charging the soldiers for their orders.

Saying to these young men and women who are stationed
around the world that we love them, care about them
and want them home right now, is not unpatriotic.
Rather, we show them our support by keeping them in
our minds and hearts and imagining a world where peace
prevails over war.

This being said, we want those who disagree with us
to know how much we appreciate your taking the time
to share your opinion with our community. It's our
hope that in our own small way we can mirror a
better world between us, by listening to each other
and growing from the experience.

Again, we reiterate, Peace in Iraq, Afghanistan,
Darfur, and elsewhere abroad, and to bringing our
soldiers home safely.

Peace, Love and Good Eats,
The Hippy Gourmet

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