Sunday, July 23, 2006

Uncommon heat hits Northern California

The normal summer climate in San Francisco consists of warm days, typically with a cool breeze and a light foggy mist that overcomes the city by dusk.

This week however, San Francisco felt more like Death Valley - with the hot baking sun showing no mercy, and not even a hint of fog or clouds in the sky. Even in the epicenter of the Golden Gate bridge, the ocean breeze barely brought the thermastat down.

To battle the heatwave, this past weekend we took a trip up the coast to Mendocino, California, which is approximately 3 hours north of San Francisco proper.

Located on the expansive California coastline, the town of Mendocino is a natural outcropping that sits right on the edge of the deep blue Pacific, and is an amazing Hippie enclave filled with artists and craftspeople - and of course incredible restaurants and bed and breakfasts.

We spent a perfect stay revisiting with our friends at the Stanford Inn, a 100% organic, vegetarian and pet friendly bed and breakfast. Strolling through the organic gardens that feed the Raven's restaurant, we were reminded of our episode #83 where we featured Gunner Thompson and Andrew Field - who prepared a mouth-watering vegetarian feast for us!

Mendocino is a gorgeous place, and it was striking that even right by the ocean (where the temperature is normally cooler and breezy), the sun and heat wasn't too far out of our minds.

As we made our drive back, we stopped in the middle of the Redwoods in Navarro for a brief picnic. The peace and tranquility of the Redwood groves of Northern California are some of the most breathtaking places on the planet, but again we discovered the climate in this fragile ecosystem was way above normal... and we couldn't help but wonder how anyone could possibly dispute the science behind global warming.

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