Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Just a brief note to say how happy we are that there's a cease fire that seems to be holding right now in Lebanon!
We wish everyone a chance for real healing, even though we know it's going to be a very long and arduous road ahead.

So many lives are disrupted and irreparable harm done during a war!  Plus of course all the damage that's caused  to the environment...what a waste!
If only the time, energy and resources that go into perfecting the means for destruction, could be channeled into acts of kindness! Imagine if the spending on those million dollar missiles and bombs would go to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless, provide health care and education to everyone, and give people hope...

At least for now the senseless acts have been curbed and regular people can begin to get their lives back on track.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SolFest this weekend!

This weekend is the annual SolFest in Hopland, California- home of the Solar Living Institute, where we'll be setting up our Hippy Gourmet solar ovens and cooking up a feast! (you can check out more information in our newsletter at
Last year we made Solar Cookies, and the years before we made a bunch of Solar Pizza's, but this year we're going to make a Solar Ratatouille, while explaining the sustainable environmental benefits of cooking out with a solar oven!
While we're up in Mendocino county, we're also going to be visiting with Paul Dolan and get a tour of bio-dynamic wine making in action! More to come on this exciting new episode in our next blog... so stay tuned!

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pressure Cooker Earth

As if in conjunction with the planet heating up, this past month has seen an explosion of violence in the middle east (on top of the
on-going pressure cooker of death and destruction that is the mess we have in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Today i'd like everyone to stop what they're doing for one solid minute, to take a deep breath and to imagine what it would be like if we could replace all the guns and bullets in the world with organic veggies and grains!

Instead of missles fllying over head and bombs dropping from the sky, just replace all of that in your mind with giant care baskets full of good will and yummy, healthy things for people to eat! Peace instead of war, love replacing hate, solutions over issues, and celebrations of life rather than funerals and never-ending martyrdom.

May seem like a funny idea to imagine soldiers charging across the front line with large, organic cucumbers and squash instead of assault rifles, but maybe if we all begin to visualize this, we could begin to see the true definition of surrealism in what's presented to us as news every day. Because honestly, what's more surrealistic- soldiers dancing a tango with organic veggies while wearing hemp undees, or women and children being caught in the crossfire of an industry that makes its living on war?

Just like in our show, we love to trace the roots of where our
ingredients come from- harvested with love, brought directly to the world's finest kitchens, and prepared with artistry and care.

So perhaps it's time that we begin to ask some tough questions about where all of these bullets are coming from? And maybe, just maybe we could begin to shift the focus away from these millenia old disagreements between tribal peoples, to who is truly profiting from all of this violence?

Food for thought - ripe organic tomatoes instead of hand grenades - quietly, one step at a time, bringing the laughter of small children
back to the streets and parks, peace between all and compassion driven programs that spend tax dollars on improving life, rather than finding more efficient ways of snuffing it out.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts and share your opinions.

The Hippy Gourmet

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A fresh season of PBS shows coming soon!

We are busy working away on our upcoming schedule of fresh PBS episodes! We have a grouping of shows from Vancouver, British Columbia and some very special shows we filmed both before and after our recent trip up north.
Most of all, we're beginning our successful sponsorship drive- where those lucky companies, brands and philanthropic individuals can see their name in lights...well, at least 15 seconds at a time at the beginning and end of each show!
Very soon we'll be posting which contending supporters of our series have signed on, and we'll be making announcements on our blog and on our site.

Stay Tuned!

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