Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy post-Labor Day

Yesterday marked the unofficial end of summer for most Americans, with kids going back to school and the summer vacations coming to an end.  Of course this doesn't mean that people have to put away the BBQ grill- because we have plenty of recipes and ideas for keeping that grill going all year round! More about this on our website under the PBS recipes TAB...

We do want to mention our solidarity with those marginalized individuals (now large groups of people) who work so hard each and every day, in hopes of being able to stake their own claim on the North American dream. These are people who come mostly from Latin America, reaching our southern borders through harrowing paths fraught with danger, deportation, or death.

Anyway, we wanted to remind all of our good citizens of varying descent how their ancestors came to this country- on ships and later through Ellis Island, or through Angel Island, coming here with nothing, fighting against everything and everyone who came before them- who also didn't want them here. How quickly we forget!

What's true is that these immigrant populations do require health care and education services, and do have an impact therefore on our state's and Federal budgets. But by the same token, these people take on the dirtiest of jobs that most citizens would rather not do, especially for less than minimum wage most of the time. We want to add that every time you go out to eat at a restaurant, that the kitchen staff from chefs to preps, waiters to bus people and dish washers all have a story about how they got here and why they love what they do. And most importantly, these are human beings who want better for their families and children (just like our predecessors), and who work hard and contribute to our society and melting pot culture.

So on this post-labor day, we want to salute all of those millions of people who continue to show the rest of us what this great country is supposed to be about...acceptance, compassion, hard work and a chance to obtain a better quality of life. It's up to all of us to find the solutions for living together in harmony.


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