Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our tribute to 911

There isn't a day that goes by that we don't stop and remember those who met their tragic demise on this day five years ago.
Coming from New York originally, and growing up in the shadows of the Twin Towers, it's impossible still to imagine that all of this actually happened.
But we feel that it would be a dishonor to those who sacrificed their lives on that day, without trying to understand the magnitude of such a tremendous crime scene, and the fact that those who are truly responsible have yet to be brought to justice.
Our hearts go out to the public servants, those brave men and women in the police and fire departments who were caught off guard by the collapse of these buildings, that given different circumstances would never, ever have happened.
To the families from Boston to San Francisco, from Washington to New York, all across the country and world, we grieve in sorrow with you and feel your pain. Honestly, no one has been unaffected by this date.
What we hope for is that we can rise above the burning rage of anger and hatred, mistrust and fear, because this is the fuel that this war machine runs on.
Peace on earth.

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