Thursday, October 19, 2006

Support our troops - while their families are going hungry!

We read today in the the San Diego Union-Tribune that struggling families of soldiers serving abroad are forced to stand in charity lines for bread, milk and diapers!

The article is by Rick Rogers is somehow hard to comprehend, even after reading it several times over. Not because the article isn't well written, but because how can it be that here in the United States of America, families are going hungry? Not to mention families of service men and women who are sacrificing everything to uphold and defend our constitution (or what's left of it).

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Ways to help (let's do our part to donate quality foods, such as organic bulk items and ingredients for building healthy families - rather than merely throwing reject frozen dinners at them in damaged boxes).

People interested in donating food, furniture or money to help military families in San Diego County can call:

- Military Outreach Ministry at Camp Pendleton: (760) 908-7043

- Military Outreach Ministries at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station: (619) 843-8964

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