Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

Yes it's true!  This summer marks the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love!

Check out this promo for the 40th Anniversary Summer of Love Event!

Coming this September 2nd, 2007

Golden Gate Park

Speedway Meadows

10am - Dark

All are invited

Presented for free by the Council of Light

Come meet the Hippy Gourmet, as he demonstrates the magic of cooking with solar ovens, and we film an episode live from the Summer of Love, 40th Anniversary!

The Summer of Love is all about Peace & Love and sharing good will to all those around us and around the world.

So come for the music, come to meet old friends and make new ones, come to hang out and see the colors of the rainbow touch down
and absolutely bless this whole crowd and stage! ...and come to help us carry this message of peace, love and proactive change through positive action for the next 40 years and beyond!
This is an event not to be please do mark your calendar.
Please visit for more info.

Thanks to the folks at 2B1 Multimedia - Boots, Dusty, Fritz and Zorro.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Free Love Campaign - Hippy Gourmet fans unite!

Show us your love...

As part of the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, The Hippy Gourmet is kicking off a Free Love campaign! We're inviting our fans to submit a 1-2 minute original video clip describing why you love the Hippy Gourmet show (in any language). Each week, we'll be featuring our favorite clips on the HippyGourmet fan page, with the best of the best ending up on our Show!

Join the HippyGourmet Fan Club group on YouTube.

Peace, Love and Good Eats!

The Hippy Gourmet

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