Thursday, November 15, 2007

Over 35 million Americans faced hunger in 2006: USDA

Reuters News Reports

By Christopher Doering Wed Nov 14,

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government said the number of Americans who went hungry in 2006 was held in check at 35 million people from the prior year, but food advocacy groups said on Wednesday more needs to be done...." - full article here

Exactly one week before Thanksgiving we learn that roughly 10% of all Americans (or 35 million people) are going hungry each and every day!

This, coupled with the report that 1 in 4 homeless in our country are veterans, many of them returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan only to find their jobs, benefits, marriages and homes have disappeared.

The FDA terms millions of people going hungry as 'food insecurity' - meaning that after the rising costs of housing, fuel and food, and with people earning less and having to work more, many families (and especially children, 12.63 million of them to be exact) are going without proper nutrition.

This is not political, neither red or blue, conservative or liberal, this is our neighbors and a good portion of our communities going without food and basic sustenance.

Please contact your local food bank, charity, or spiritual organization to see what each of us can do to donate, volunteer and otherwise pitch in to help others in real need.

Thanksgiving is nothing if not about feeding others before ourselves, and for finding ways to prioritize our society toward the goal of curing hunger wherever it pangs.

More to come on this and more...

Peace, Love and Food for All!

The Hippy Gourmet

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