Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peace sign turns 50 today!

Developed originally as a symbol for nuclear disarmament by British textile designer Gerald Holtom, the peace sign quickly spread around the world as the global expression of anti-nuclear weapons. By the mid 1960's of course, the wonderful icon that the peace sign represents became the moniker for a generation wanting Peace & Love to replace war and oppression. Painted on the side of VW buses and people's faces, worn as jewelry or on t-shirts, the peace sign will live forever as a symbol of hope for all those who seek world peace. Today more than ever, the peace sign stands for every sane person's desire to strive for peace, rather than to continue waging meaningless wars.

The Hippy Gourmet salutes Gerald Holtom!

"…the peace sign turns fifty years old today. Over the past five decades the peace sign has become one of the world's enduring icons. The original peace sign was developed in 1958 by a British textile designer and conscientious objector named Gerald Holtom. He created the symbol by combining the semaphore letters N and D, for nuclear disarmament. On Feb. 21, 1958 the symbol was accepted by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War. The symbol soon began to be used in anti-nuclear protests across Britain and then spread across the globe."

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Valentine's from the Hippy Gourmet

The importance of sharing love and intimacy is proven to benefit your health and contribute to a peaceful happy world! We want to encourage everyone to see every day as an opportunity to connect with their special someone to celebrate love!

The Hippy Gourmet is so pleased to present Wendy Strgar, Founder and CEO of - which is a company that produces all natural, organic and vegan love enhancing products! Perfect for Valentine's Day, or any day that you want to make a beautiful intimate connection with the love of your life!
We met up with Wendy at the Elephant Pharmacy in Los Altos, California where she was teaching a class on "The Ecology of Love" - doesn't get more hippie than that! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Grateful Dead Host Concert for Obama

Reuters News reports that the Grateful Dead re-united for a concert in support of Barack Obama!
Mickey Hart one of the drummers of the Grateful Dead was quoted saying, "Every few generations a guy like this comes along," referring to 40 years ago when the band supported Robert Kennedy's bid for president, prior to his assassination. Hart continued..."It seems like desperate times and we're desperate people."