Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earthday is Everyday!

OK so wherever you look, in stores, on-line, billboards, radio, TV, newspapers...the green color is everywhere today!

It used to be one would have to wait for St. Patrick's Day to see green beer or green Twinkies, but now St. Pat's has some competition it seems with Earthday.

Not that we're knocking the idea of people taking at least one day out of the year to remember that we live on planet earth, but what about tomorrow when it's no longer Earthday?

We like to remember the great inventor and thinker R. Buckminster Fuller on this day, because he had a vision for remapping the planet earth, not with arbitrary borders, but by how natural resources flow. Bucky as he was called, believed that we live on "Space Ship Earth" - which is such a beautiful image when you think about it...that we're all share the same limited resources, air, water, soil, food and that there's plenty enough to go around, so long as we think logically and act rationally.

Bucky would say that Everyday is Earthday, and we all ought to take a few moments each and every day to thank the universe for all the abundance, love, joy and spirit we have in common - and for all we have to gain by sharing our lives and our hopes and dreams for peace around the world.

Earth is a miracle! We are miracles! And yes, the Earth (or Gaia) is our mother and our lives do depend on her health and well being...so this is a 365 day-a-year mantra for everyone.

Peace, Love and Organics!
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Anonymous said...

You are so right! I couldn't be more thrilled that eco-conscious living is all the rage right now.

But what worries me is that society will move past it, like any other fad, and that would be a tragedy!

It is so important that we ingrain this type of lifestyle into our collective subconscious, so that, as you said, everyday is earth day!