Monday, April 21, 2008

Food rationing in America?

There's a run on rice, cooking oil and flour...wait a second, in California? The breadbasket of the entire nation and supplier of staple foods for the rest of the world?

It appears that the big box stores are beginning to 'ration' the amount of rice, cooking oil and flour that people can purchase - after what seems like a run on the markets for to store up on these staples before they run out.

As we're reading the news, we still can't believe our eyes that this is happening in America. Although for now it seems to be a great deal of hysteria going on that's causing people to buy more than what they really need for even a two month supply going forward, thinking like survivalists and trying to 'stock up' on these staples.

But the truth is that we are competing for protein with developing nations, hungry for our grains, rice and corn primarily to feed their growing middle classes the animals that feed off these staples. It's also a direct result of chaos theory due to the move of farmers away from growing food, to becoming like Texas oil tycoons and growing crops for bio-fuels.

The main thing is folks, there's abundance everywhere around us - so always remain calm. There are protein sources that grow right outside your door and along the side of highways, like Sun Chokes for instance (edible tubers that grow at the bottom of sunflower-like stalks) - and most of all, there is enough food to feed everyone on this planet many times over, so long as we realize what's important for healthy, nutritional diets and do our part to eat more veggies and to support local family farms growing organic food.

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