Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Is Industrial Hemp the Answer to World Hunger and the Energy Crisis?

Is Industrial Hemp the answer to world hunger and energy crisis?
Food news today from around the world is extremely grave, with massive shortages spurring protests, riots and even deaths.

Food prices have risen by 40% globally since last summer and 80% over the past three years, due to global warming, the price of fuel and the shift of many food crops toward bio-fuels. Over 33 developing countries are already at risk of seeing violence erupt over food availability and pricing, with many struggling families across Europe, Asia and now the United States also feeling a real pinch at the check-out counter.

The other major issue facing agriculture is the amount of water needed to grow staple crops, which is also diminishing due to climate change.

There is a solution. Sustainable, quickly grown and harvested Industrial Hemp. Hemp Seeds and Hemp Oil possess more nutritional value that is perfectly matched for the human body than most of the staple crops the world is currently relying on. Industrial Hemp is also resistant to pests, grows without the need for constant irrigation and is a proven bio-fuel to run all kinds of vehicles on. Hemp textiles are more durable than cotton, and Hemp Oil can be made into just about any kind of faux-plastic form imaginable.

Industrial Hemp is not a drug, nor will it get one high, or show up in someones drug tests.

Most of all, Industrial Hemp can put family farms back on the map, employ millions of people and finally wean the world off of fossil fuels.
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