Saturday, April 19, 2008

Join our pre-Earth Day celebrations!

Join us this Sunday, April 20th at three (3) different Border's Books Stores as we present the Producer and Director of "Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet," James Ehrlich - who will be leading a wonderful interactive learning seminar on everything from how to lower your monthly food costs while eating healthier, to quick and easy sustainable tips for saving mother earth, and even how to produce your own television programs!
The fun starts at 11am at the Borders location in Roseville, California:
Then we continue on at 2pm with another seminar at the  Borders at Fair Oaks Blvd.
And then finishing up at the Borders in Natomas at 5pm:
We'll be demonstrating how a solar oven works, sharing ideas and recipes for solving world hunger, how people can eat gourmet, healthy meals on a budget and providing an interactive forum for people to learn how they can create their own grass-roots TV shows!
Happy Pre-EarthDay!
Peace, Love and Organics!
Your friends at Hippy Gourmet TV

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