Monday, April 21, 2008

Our pre-EarthDay classes at Borders Books

We had a great set of events yesterday up in the Sacramento area of California celebrating pre-EarthDay!

James Ehrlich, the producer and director of Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet presented at three different Borders Book stores in Roseville, Fair-Oaks and Natomas, teaching people about solar ovens from, as well as how to create grass-roots media, and simple steps for leading more sustainable lives.

The classes were a huge success, with everyone actively participating and learning how they can make a real difference at home and in their communities. So many great stories to share, from people's favorite recipes, to how they incorporate organic foods into their diets and so much more.

The best part about teaching these classes, is making a connection with people in the community and realizing how much passion there is for healthy eating and for slowing our lives down enough to appreciate what we have around us; friends, family, peace, love and abundance.

We want to thank Skorman Productions and the folks at Borders Books for making this such a successful event for us!

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