Friday, April 11, 2008

Salmon Fishing Blocked in Oregon and California!

This news just in: The West Coast Fisheries Managers are cancelling all commercial salmon fishing this season in Oregon and California!
Recreational Coho salmon fishing will be extremely limited but permitted.

So what's going on? The loss of Salmon populations is an unfortunate bell weather for wildlife that depends on the fish stocks to sustain life. The jury is still out on the exact causes for the Salmon population decrease, but perhaps the moratorium placed on commercial fishing for this season will help rejuvenate the species.

Until then, might we suggest a delicious Vegetarian and/or Vegan meal with lots of wonderful protein coming from organic vegetables and grains? You might also start thinking about Hemp Seeds and Hemp Oil to add to all kinds of recipes, giving you a nice replacement for fish oils and the buttery textures. Not to mention that Hemp Seeds and Oils are rich in protein sources that are perfectly matched to the human body! Just a thought...

FYI - the climate crisis has passed our doorstep and is now squarely on our dining tables, or rather what's no longer on our dining tables.

There are solutions to world hunger, poverty and despair. There are also solutions to feeding American families healthier foods for less.
Peace, Love and Good Eats!
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