Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taking back the Peace Sign...

It's not easy sometimes seeing the beloved symbols of our culture being summarily diminished in the media by those who either don't know better, or who are purposely set about to destroy the ideas and ideals behind the simplest icons that bring hope.

The Peace Sign. Born 50 years ago, we've blogged about its origin and creator several weeks ago - but today on there was an article entitled: "A piece of gold" - by Veronica Hendrix.

The title of the article seems nice enough, but then the sub-header reads: "What do we think about this once-subversive symbol of righteousness now that it's turned 50?"

Was the Peace Sign ever 'subversive' really? Or was it that the mainstream said that a circle with a few lines intersecting was a radical symbol, just because the creator was afraid of nuclear war and desired world peace? Radical stuff no doubt!

The article starts off seemingly mocking the peace sign as 'paradoxical' because those who held the signs up high during civil rights marches and peace parades were injured or killed back in the 60' if the sign itself caused riots, chaos and upheaval.

Then the blog goes on to use sarcasm and derision to diminish the Peace Sign as nothing more than a kitsch type of jewelery and clothing accessory, worn by the masses who do it because it seems 'cool,' rather than for knowing its meaning.

In all fairness, Ms. Hendrix does offer one or two brief sentences of hope, that "...we can dream of a more peaceful world, and labor in the fields of our neighborhoods and cities to cultivate it. We should and be darn right relentless and vigilant about it."

But alas, it's really but one small conclusion wedged in at the bottom of a longer article that feels like it's really snickering at the Peace Sign. As if turning 50, the Peace Sign is a tarnished relic of a bygone day where all subscribe to wearing it are rather silly...

Folks, let us not forget that War is radical, Peace is rational, and when we see people of all ages embracing the Peace Sign for what it really means, wearing it proudly (so it just about reaches your lapel flag pin), or painted on children's faces, or on our bikes and hybrids, that we're really standing up for what we know is true and good in the terms that define ourselves as peaceful.

Let's take back the Peace Sign!

PEACE, Love, and Organics,
Your Hippy Gourmet TV family

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