Saturday, April 26, 2008

There is no food shortage, only a shortage of logic and compassion

By now you've all seen or heard the news about people lining up at the big box stores to purchase bags of rice.

OK, so we can understand why a small restaurant owner might want to stock up on staples to maintain supplies and buy at lower prices, but what's up with the family purchasers wanting more than four (4), twenty pound bags per shopping day?

80 pounds of rice, really? Our estimate is 50+ cups of rice roughly per 20 pound bag, which is actually enough rice for a family of 8 to have rice for every meal for a 40 day month!

Let's all try to remember that there is no food shortage.

There is only speculation that leads to false perceptions, fear of deficit and then a self-fulfilling prophecy that actually causes rice prices to go through the roof...and all this does is help to raise the prices for the most unfortunate people on the planet who as I write this are going hungry right now.

Organic, Long Grain, grown in America rice is abundant, delicious, healthy and inexpensive - relative to the Asian varieties. So enjoy and no need to insulate your house with bags of it either OK?

Peace, Love and Organics
Your Hippy Gourmet TV family

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