Wednesday, April 23, 2008

United Nations calls food crisis a 'Silent Tsunami'

We've been writing about the global food 'pricing' crisis on a daily basis because the news is that it's escalating.

The United Nations calls this a 'silent tsunami' - with the pains of hunger spreading across over 100,000,000 people - mostly in developing countries where people spend most of their livelihoods on food.

Doesn't seem like any kind of silent tsunami to us, especially when people are rioting and taking their malnutrition into the streets!

The issues we've listed repeatedly, and that also appear in the news have to do mostly with a growing middle class across China and India that have developed a taste and budget to purchase meat. So with a growing appetite for feeding these animals that feed these people, global supplies of staple foods have been depleting more rapidly.

Farmer's who used to grow rice for instance, the inexpensive staple food for the majority of the world, have been encouraged to grow animal feed instead. Many other farmers around the world have been rushing into the food-to-fuel market, allocating the majority of their crops to chase after the proven inefficient bio-fuel craze. And the drought in Australia (caused by global warming) hasn't helped either.

But a big part of this whole crisis has to do with perceptions. The truth is that there IS abundance, sufficient enough to feed everyone on the planet many times over for eons to come. All we need do is apply good old common sense along with sustainable farming and feeding philosophies.

It's time to recognize and implement rational policies that will bring about swift improvements to the food supplies around globe. Organic, sustainable, bio-dynamic and diverse farming practices for one. Cultivating Industrial Hemp all of the world immediately and efficiently converting this into food and oils that are perfectly balanced for the human body. Fast to grow, fast to harvest, delicious to eat, high in protein and Omega-3, and not a hint of issue or moral dilemma to be found.

Let's join together to act now on positive change. Because when a hundred million people go hungry tonight, tomorrow they're going to wake up with anger in their hearts and irrational thoughts on their minds.

Peace, Love and Urgency!

Your friends at Hippy Gourmet

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