Saturday, May 03, 2008

Helen Thomas Deserves Flowers!

Hi all,

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a special message, courtesy of our friends at

Helen Thomas, the beloved journalist who covers the White House (and who is really the only real voice questioning things going on over there), definitely deserves some flowers! Micah Fitch is organizing this wonderful idea and her blog link is below.

Check out this awesome YouTube segment of Helen in action:

Here's a blog site where you can learn more:

You can also check out - because John Amato and his crew really do a wonderful job aggregating all of the news and fun tidbits you might otherwise miss each day.

Also, stay tuned for a wonderful interview (and hopefully episode) featuring Helen Thomas on our show! After we saw the above YouTube clip (and after feeling this way for years about her), we decided to contact her and thank her for all she does for our country, our constitution and most of for renewing our faith in the free press. So we'll be filming a show with Helen and cooking up her favorite dishes, while learning about her recipes for a better future!

Peace, Love & Organics!
your Hippy Gourmet family!

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