Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

People might think that because the Hippie movement is pro-peace, that we are therefore against the men and women in uniform. Nothing could be further from our truth at Organic Living TV!  These "troops" are our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, our aunts and uncles, our cousins and dearest of friends who were drawn to a higher calling of public service, and for this and to them we owe the greatest debt imaginable.

Rather, we make the distinction of those who ruffle feathers about patriotism in reference to lapel pins and bumper magnets, but who then turn around and vote against the new GI bill!

Moreover, where is our seemingly thankless administration that asks the lives and limbs of our brethren, only to keep returning them to active duty, tour after tour - while their families struggle with foreclosures, inability to make rent, pay for food, or most importantly raise their children with parental figures gone for months on end.

These wars will end, and when they do these battered and over extended individuals will come home and require all of the love and attention, support and understanding that an entire nation will have to muster.

Therefore on Memorial Day, rather than just remember those who have fallen (and for their families and their grief there absolutely no words, just silence and pause) - but thereafter directly focus our attention on the hundreds of thousands of returning men and women and their families.

We have homeless veterans...homeless veterans in our country! Where are the hawks and the pundits on Fox news on this topic? Are they out in the streets feeding these poor souls, or helping them find work, shelter or clothes?

And what about the families buckling under the financial burdens, and the children who are going hungry because one young parent has to decide between a roof over their heads or 3 meals a day.

We must require our government from this point forward to abide by a simple contract that they must spend twice the amount on the veterans, their families and their surrounding communities in peace time as they spend on waging a single war - perhaps then they will not take sending troops into harms way so lightly, nor miss the subtle irony of how much costs there truly are.

Here are some wonderful charities to think about supporting on this Memorial Day:

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