Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is the 2010 Chevy Volt for real?

In this article from the Atlantic Magazine, we learn about the aggressive timetable GM is taking to try to get their new 'Volt' hybrid electric vehicle on the road by 2010.

The Volt is different from other types of plug-in hybrids, like the ones we featured from - in that plug-in hybrids run on battery power until the charge is depleted, and then run as normal gas powered hybrid cars. In the case of the Volt, GM has taken a different tack by designing the small gas powered engine to only act as an internal charging station for the batteries, where the car itself is 100% electric powered.

Of course the article has lots of detractors, the battery technology is too expensive for instance, and there aren't realistic supplies to match potential demand in mass production, and of course there's GM history of taking a perfectly viable electric car (the EV1) off the road - which was a decision mostly motivated by, well we'll let our audience fill in the blank on that one...

But we give GM a lot of credit actually for 'trying' at least! What we've seen of the Volt design so far is really sexy, and that ought to help those middle of the road/anti-electric vehicle types to start taking a closer look at what's possible.

We invite your participation on this hot topic. What do you think about electric cars? Or plug-in hybrids? Or are you just getting your bicycle tuned up for a healthier, energy-free ride to work!

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