Thursday, June 19, 2008

Left Overs

Today is Thursday, the fourth or fifth day since our regular weekend visit to our local farmers market. The fridge is looking a little lean! There's only a few  fresh veggies left to think about cooking, with a couple of left over dishes we prepared, along with one lonely doggy bag from a local vegetarian restaurant.

What to do?  Celebrate!

In these times of more money for less protein, we have to see our half empty fridge as half full. So get ready to dig into those left overs and savor every bite!

Yes of course we advocate making recipes from scratch, having fun in the kitchen with family and friends preparing fresh, organic/bio-dynamic ingredients and sitting down to nice long (and slow) meals together.

But when all that fun is over and you're left with a fridge that has a variety of left over this and left over that, why not embrace the abundance of what's there, rather than succumbing to the temptation of throwing that all away. Some of the most creative times in a kitchen aren't always what you expect anyway.

Take out your iron skillet and with a dab of organic, virgin cold pressed olive oil you'll be amazed how you can gently simmer and saute those left overs back to life for delicious meals! Or use your steamer, or a steamer basket over gently boiling water to reinvigorate your veggies.

Have fun with the kids while doing it. Invite their participation to help gently re-season some of the dishes so instead of dreading left-over night, they will dash to the dining table, knife and fork at the ready!

For those just cooking for yourself, or you and your mate - left-overs are like a culinary photo album of very recent good times enjoyed all over again.

Summer time is always the best chance we have to prepare cooler salad recipes and spend less time over hot stoves and ovens, these also make for refreshing left over choices too. There's also a number of left over dishes that are actually better eaten cold than having to be reheated...just depends on your taste. You can always put your solar oven out in the morning and put some of those left overs in there to re-heat for a perfect lunch or dinner, or tasty treats by the beach, pool or park!

Best of all, the flavors of food don't always have a chance to marry at the moment they're prepared. Rather, giving a recipe a day or two (or in the case of a wonderful veggie lasagna) maybe ever three or four days, really gives a chance for all the ingredients to blend together and for true essence of that dish to come to life.

So remember, our new definition of 'left over' is "Le Ftover", which in our world means 'to enjoy yet again'

Peace, Love and Organics!

your Hippy Gourmet family

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Hi Hippy Gourmet,
Can you mention the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki on your sites or on your show? We are very much in need of volunteers to help us make the site more complete.


Tom Sponheim
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