Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wetlands, watching the flow of life.

We recently filmed a lovely segment on our local Audubon Society, discovering a beautiful natural resource that surrounds us here in the bay area, the wetlands.

Not too many people realize the importance of preserving the wetlands, besides the perfect nesting and resting place for migratory birds from around the world, wetlands also help prevent flooding by absorbing rain water run off.

Wetlands in the aggregate also provide the bulk of the worlds oxygen, through the green algae and plankton that are born and flow through the tall grasses.

Most of all, the wetlands offer some of the best local places for us to slow down and reconnect with wildlife all around us. The peaceful setting is perfect to visit at dawn or dusk when the birds are most active, but also during the day it's just a truly grounding experience.

Water is a part of us, and there's something about witnessing the channels of salt and fresh water blending into brackish streams that flow back into the bay and then into the ocean that reminds us of who we are, where we come from, and where we're all going.

So please do your part by going to visit your local wetlands and take your camera! Write to us and share your stories of what you find there and help support your local Audubon Society as well.

Peace, Love and Organics,
Your Hippy Gourmet familiy

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