Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hippy Gourmet at Google for DooF-a-Palooza!

Yesterday we spent the day at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California at an annual event called "DooF-a-Palooza" - which stands for 'Food spelled backwards' - and is all about supporting a new PBS kids cooking series called "DooF"

Teaching kids where their food comes from and inspiring them at an early age to be excited about good nutrition is a wonderful thing!

The event takes place all over Google's main campus area, with fun, interactive booths set up for kids to participate in all aspects of learning about food.

What a great chance to introduce kids to their local farmers and food producers, and for everyone to be reminded how much love and artistry goes into growing and nurturing all our abundant fruits and veggies!

Of course the Hippy Gourmet film crew was on hand to capture the event for an upcoming episode we're planning, and we even had our executive producer and director James Ehrlich out there baking solar, vegan cookies! As usual, we used the solar cookers as well as the Tulsi Solar Cooker to demonstrate how simple, easy and grid-free baking yummy cookies can be in a solar oven!

Google is an incredible company that cares deeply for the community, both surrounding and global. We were so blessed to have the full support of Google chefs, Google staff and a multitude of volunteers that helped us every step of the way!

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Anonymous said...

We loved loved loved those cookies you baked with the solar ovens! Is the recipe posted anywhere? Those cookies were amazing, and so were the ovens. Thank you...