Thursday, July 03, 2008

We stopped the spray!

Hurray, we helped stop the spray!

Well, at least we stopped the spray over urban and densely populated areas of northern California - the CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) apparently still reserves the right to spray "forested areas," which of course we all plan on monitoring what this means, and doing our part to help prevent it from happening.

Just a reminder about what this was all about (see The Hippy Gourmet Blog: Stop the Spray benefit concert) - the Federal government gave a bunch of money to the State of California to 'spray' a type of pheromone (inside tiny plastic capsules that stick to things), to rid us of a tiny brown apple moth that hasn't been proven to cause the slightest bit of harm!

Some spraying actually took place over populated areas of Monterey and Santa Cruz, California a few months ago. Over 600 cases of illness and difficulty breathing were reported after this spraying, including children being rushed to hospitals for severe asthma symptoms - where before they were perfectly healthy!

The States plan was to start spraying other parts of urban and suburban areas, but we joined together with the and groups and turned our TV cameras on for famous rock stars and politicians to express their position against all of this.

We forwarded our YouTube segment to the Honorable Governor Schwarzenegger, and to our local Congresswoman, the honorable Anna G. Eshoo, and we were so happy and relived this week to receive this letter from our Congresswoman Eshoo:

..."In response to our concerns and those raised by many residents including you, the CDFA and USDA announced last week that they will no longer be spraying the pesticide aerially to eradicate the light brown apple moth..."

So for all of those out there who think that getting involved in positive activism won't work, or that writing letters to your representatives in state and federal offices won't be read, then this ought to be an excellent example for the fact that it really does work.

Our democracy is built on a strong foundation of dissenting voices, for a free press that pushes for the truth and isn't influenced or controlled by corporate interests, and most of all by communities coming together to act and to be heard.

Peace, Love and Organics!
Your Hippy Gourmet family

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