Saturday, August 09, 2008

Don't throw that food away! Eat it!

We came across this wonderful article today from Maura Judkis at Huffington Post Green, where she talks about how much food gets wasted each year.

It's true, people either forget they have food in their fridge that needs to be prepared and eaten, or the containers of prepared foods get pushed back to the fringes of the fridge, only to be summarily discarded as they go bad.

There are some really good tips in this article on how to buy what you need at the market, vs. buying too much perishable ingredients without a real cooking plan for the week ahead.

We also recommend when dining out, don't be shy to ask for a to-go box to bring those tasty left-overs home with you. The restaurant is only going to scrape the remnants of your plate into the dumpster (which then goes into a landfill and adds to global warming and pollution). Rather, the next day for lunch or a light snack before dinner, you can simply re-heat your restaurant left-overs and enjoy the experience of dining out all over again.

One of the main tenants of our TV series also is never to waste molecules! When you cook rice, or potatoes or even a tomato sauce, take a wood spoon or spatula and go ahead and scrape every last molecule into the bowl. You'd be so surprised how much good nutrition gets wasted each year by the little pieces that don't get scraped out of the bowl...not to mention how much of the flavor is contained in all of those hard to reach food molecules!

So remember don't throw food away, find creative ways to preserve, plan ahead for healthy meals by portion size, freeze and date the things you want to have much later, and always ask for a to-go box when dining out and edible things are still available to eat later.

Peace, Love and Organics!

Your Hippy Gourmet Family


Anonymous said...

I think you mean "tenets" not "tenants"

hg blogger said...

sure thing, must be a typo - thanks for the correction