Thursday, August 28, 2008

Enjoy Hemp Foods without fear of drug testing!

For all those of you out there who might have been a little confused on the topic of whether or not consuming healthy and delicious hemp food products could result in a positive drug test, well we're happy to convey some new results:

Our friends at Hemp Industries Association and were kind enough to copy us on the recent findings that ought to once and for all put this misinformation on healthy Hemp to rest.

Simply put: "Journal of Analytical Toxicology (JAT), titled "∆9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Content of Commercially Available Hemp Products" (2008, Vol. 32, pages 428-432), found that "the amount of THC present in commercially available [hemp] products is significantly less in products available today" and that eating hemp foods "should not be considered as a realistic cause for a positive urine analysis result."

Hemp foods and oils are perfectly balanced for the human body, are a natural source of protein and fiber, are delicious, healthy and above all should not be thought of as a drug in any way, shape or form.

To paraphrase the report, they say that 'to think of Hemp as a drug, is the equivalent of thinking of fruit juices as alcohol, merely because there are molecules of fermentation that are undetectable in the fruit juice.' Imagine being pulled over on the highway after drinking a container of orange juice, you just wouldn't test positive for any alcohol at all. The same goes for Hemp foods, oils and cosmetics, there just isn't a trace of anything psychotropic whatsoever.

The time has come for us to embrace industrial hemp and to see clearly how it will benefit American farmers, workers and families on all ends of the food chain!

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