Friday, August 15, 2008

SolFest 2008!

Well it's time for the annual SolFest!

Up in Hopland, California, the Solar Living Institute throws an incredible event each year that rocks the foundation of true sustainability as we know it!

The Solar Living Institute and the Real Goods Store in Hopland, California are built on top of what used to be a dumping grounds for California Transit (or CalTrans) - amidst the spindles of used cabling and rubble of train ties and the like, the Solar Living Institute came along and created an absolute oasis that is 100% off the grid with solar and wind power!

Imagine a dusty, rural place where there used to be industrial garbage piled high, and then just a few years later there are sustainable buildings built from forced earth and bale hay, wind turbines, solar panels and a large lake filled with fish - then a few years after this the organic gardens flourishing and natural trees and bushes growing up all around...seems like a dream yes? But it's all for real and it's really at the Solar Living Institute!

The SolFest is their annual bash that brings over 20,000 of your closest friends who feel the same way about solar and alternative power that you do! There are innovative companies showing off their wares, great speakers (including the producer and director of Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet, James Ehrlich), and fantastic workshops that give people hands-on experience in learning how they can improve their families lives through the power of the sun and wind.

We've filmed a few episodes and segments from the SolFest, including our now famous Solar Hemp Pizza recipe and our Vegan Solar cookies, amongst other recipes. We also interviewed Jonathan Schaeffer the founder of the Solar Living Institute, and many of the exhibitors who make this event one of the greatest things to look forward to each summer!

Peace, Love & Organics!
Your Hippy Gourmet Family

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