Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A true Hawaiian cultural experience!


We had the absolute honor of spending some time on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, filming organic farms, spending time with the locals and taking in the lush tranquility that the 'Garden Island' is known for (in between all of our running around and filming of course).

Fortunately we were able to meet up with Lopaka Bukoski, who runs cultural tours of Kauai, where Lopaka was able to introduce us to the magical salt ponds that connect generations back to the land. We then head over to the Hale Kula Ni'ihau O Kehaha School to meet Hokulani Cleeland and all the children there learning their native language and cultural practices! What a blessing it is to discover native languages and a real celebration of heritage being taught to kids in their own communities!

Our filming day actually started at 5am, when we met Reggie Manaku, Ikaika Manaku & Roberto Garcia by the beach to dig an authentic IMO or fire pit. Once we returned from our journey around the island of Kauai, we got together with Chef Edwin Mizuno to prepare some fantastic Hawaiian recipes and then enjoyed live music from Joyce Okinaka & Kahalau Leoiki with Hula dancers Moana Henriques, Kristyn Ishibashi & Kimberly Tada.

We have to thank Chef Todd Oldham, Sheraton-Kauai and of course Hawaiian Airlines for helping us bring these colorful Hawaiian stories of paradise found!

Kauai is everything you could possible imagine and more! You can smell the ocean air in the mountains and feel the mountain waterfalls all the way to the beaches. The people in Hawaii and Kauai are warm and friendly, and the rich tropical soil brings so much flavor to all the organic and bio-dynamic foods being cultivated and served there.

The thing about Kauai is that it always reminds you to stop, smile and breath in the perfect beauty that completely surrounds and engulfs you.

Peace, Love and Mahalo! (thanks)

Your Hippy Gourmet family

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