Friday, September 12, 2008

Almond growers suing USDA

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American almond growers are going nuts over the USDA rule that forces them to chemically pasteurize their almonds, eliminating the growers ability to produce organic and/or raw almonds.

The lawsuit was filed because California almond growers are losing substantial business to foreign growers who don't have the same restrictions on pasteurizing their almonds.

"This ruling is a financial disaster and has closed a major customer group that we have built up over the years," said one plaintiff, Dan Hyman, an almond grower and owner of D&S Ranches in Selma, Calif. The AP article continues..."Hyman contended his customers are being denied "a healthy whole natural raw food that they have eaten with confidence, enjoyment and benefit for decades."

This provides direct evidence that the market has spoken, and it's saying we demand healthy, nutritional ingredients - without radiation, or chemical pasteurization. People who shop do know the difference and are in fact shying away from almonds that are not organic, or are treated in some way that most certainly effects nutritional value.

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