Friday, September 26, 2008

The opportunities in a down-turn

There's no doubt about it, we're living in strange historical times.

One would think that the lessons learned from nearly 80 years ago would be like pillars to our modern financial system, and that such kinds of nearly catastrophic scenarios could ever beseech us again.

For the majority of us not on Wall Street, or involved in major mergers, or folding banking institutions, there seems to be a cloud of shock that's taken hold - unsure what exactly the end result will be, waiting on some virtual edge of our seats as we tune in to the latest media sound bytes, we hold still as if not to jinx things further.

Silently we watch and ponder, taking stock of what we cherish and feel good about, that no man nor man-made construct can take from us.

In these times our greatest allies are our loved ones. Our friends, family and close acquaintances who like bridges to dotted islands of their own anxiety and fears, are connected together with us to the greater thread of hopefulness shared.

Tomorrow the sun will rise and no exchange or market place can dictate otherwise. The seasons will come and go and the balance of all good lessons learned shall be put in their tidy places, leaving room for only right now and what will be.

It is our time to find the positive and proactive path through the darkness. Our mantra ought to be: No home should be empty when there are homeless in the world, and no home should be emptied putting families out into the streets. Thus there is no solution to a financial crisis when those most in need are not attended to, passed over for those more powerful.

Ours is the opportunity to project a new way from the ruins of the old, such that we can redefine the system to be in service to people, not just the burden of never-ending structures of debt built upon our heads.

We are the mirror and the reflection of a culture that has had good intentions, but has lost its way. Perhaps now we can finally begin to see through to a brighter day, when all we work for helps to shape a better world for generations to come.

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