Friday, September 05, 2008

Powering small towns from local food scraps

This is yet another great example of forward thinking local governments who are tackling the issue of over flowing landfills, by redirecting food scraps from restaurants, hotels and homes into what's called 'anaerobic digestion.' The scraps are processed into large tanks that extract the solids from the gas, using the clean combustible gas to power turbines that run 100% of the plant's power needs, as well as giving back power and heating energy to the local towns nearby.

One of the greatest aspects of this story is how it's teaching people how much food they waste each and every day, and by living within the bounds of basic sustainable thinking and practice, people are able to make better choices for how much they buy, prepare and consume each week.

The other tremendous benefit of course is back to the farmers, who utilize the solid left-overs from the process to till back into the soil as fertilizer.

This is what we call full-circle sustainability and we absolutely salute our brothers and sisters in Ludlow, Shropshire, UK.

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