Saturday, September 27, 2008

We can save our economy by going green

Want to save our economy?

Buy stock.

Support companies that are doing sustainable, green and socially responsible products and services, (or at least companies that you believe will be heading in that direction), and purchase some equity stake in them.

If we all do our part to invest in American businesses, where we in fact own shares and are committed to the long-term prospects of these growing concerns, then we can turn this economy around.

The markets will ebb and flow, but being steadfast in our vision of believing in American ingenuity, creativity and hard work, our shared participation is what's necessary at this time to bring about real change.

Our greatest strength is our ability to come together in times of crisis, to roll up our collective sleeves to make the difference that needs to be made.

In WWII our country was called to a greater cause of working toward a shared goal of victory. Now our time has come again to be called upon to see our way through to brighter days.

Our suggestion is therefore to invest in America. Purchase stocks in good companies employing American workers that are building clean technologies for future generations to come.

The green revolution is upon us and we must stand up to lead the world in every facet of this exciting and promising new era!

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