Friday, September 26, 2008

Woman loses half her body weight going raw

Angela Stokes has a lovely story to share about making the shift in her life away from processed foods and meat.

Battling an under-active thyroid condition that increased her body fat to over 300 pounds, Angela discovered a raw food cookbook on a trip to a greenhouse in Iceland and it changed her life forever.

Now Angela weighs 138 pounds, is happier, healthier and devotes herself to sharing her experiences with others in her same situation.

Most important quote from this article: "I recommend people start out being at least 50 percent raw and go from there," advises Stokes. "Maybe it ends up at some point you are completely raw, maybe not. As long as the majority of the stuff or at least 50 percent is fresh raw food ... then you're tipping the balance in your favor."

Our perspective is a healthy balance for a healthy life, especially for those in our audience who find raw diets too extreme. Take it slow, introduce your body and your mind to several vegetarian, vegan and raw recipes a week, deciding your comfort level as you go.

Nice to see a positive story in the news today at least!

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