Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hippies connected to primate species

We found this article that tries to debunk the theory that hippies are peaceful.

Of course it has nothing to do with hippies, but rather about one of our favorite primate relatives the Bonobos.

Unlike Chimps who are known to be aggressive and carnivorous,  Bonobos use affection and tenderness (and simulated sexuality) to bond with their fellow tribe mates, as well as solve conflicts and mediate issues - thus the reason they've been termed the hippies of primates.

This article offers a somewhat different perspective on the true nature of Bonobos and how they have been 'observed' going on hunting parties for great apes.

Although we believe in good scientific research, we think there must either be some mistake in what was observed, or that some other mitigating force of nature caused one small group of Bonobos to collectively lose their way somehow.

We want to believe that there is hope for humanity to become a peaceful species that cares for itself and the living planet we share with other creatures. Who knows, perhaps the scientists were following around a bunch of skinny chimpanzees who looked like Bonobos?

Power to the peaceful!

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