Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food Co-ops to the rescue!

Food Co-op

A cooperative place where your membership makes you part owner of the very same grocery store you shop in. As a part owner with other members of your community, the Co-op market has the purview to maintain the lowest possible prices while obtaining the very best organic, locally produced and sustainable ingredients.

This is actually a wonderful article from, where they provide a list of links to websites to help you locate the nearest co-op markets near you!

Happy, healthy and cost-effective shopping everyone!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings

It's cold out there these days, and we don't mean just temperature-wise - this "recession" and economic downturn is leaving scores of people scrambling to make ends meet, while keeping their families fed.

More struggling families boils down to more hungry kids, where hunger isn't just about not having their favorite snacks to munch on in between meals - but skipping meals completely, or perhaps going without food for several days a month!

We know that around the world some 932,000,000 children went malnourished in 2008 alone, where the U.N. passed a resolution stating that no child should go hungry, only one country voted 'no' against this global humanitarian aid...we'll let you guess which country (and we should say administration) that is. It's ironic because there is sufficient food supplies to feed over 12 billion people (twice the earth's population).

But here in America, where millions are enjoying the post-glow of opening presents and gearing up for marathon parties and family-style dining, outside there are hundreds of thousands who have nothing. These aren't people who are lazy, or who were greedy about buying too much homes for themselves and their families, these are hard working, good people who have lost jobs, been tossed out of their homes and are otherwise lost under the tsunami of economic forces so much greater than themselves.

This season we donated food rather than give gifts to one another, and we contributed what we could to those shelters that are bursting at their seams from having to feed and house so many more families than ever before.

Today we also took a day off from thinking about food, if nothing else but to remind ourselves of those less fortunate who have nothing to celebrate.

Tomorrow is a new day and we hope you'll join us in the prayer of making this world free from hunger and malnutrition, especially for children.

Peace, Love and Season's Greetings,

Hippy Gourmet

Monday, December 22, 2008

Food poisoning strikes health department holiday party

Food poisoning is nothing to joke about, but we just found it ironic that a group of health department employees out for their annual holiday party were all stricken by something from the buffet! reports that it may have been the 'diced cold ham' in a salad, or perhaps the handle everyone was using got contaminated somehow, but maybe if they all avoided the cold ham and just stuck to the vegetarian options this might not have happened.

People shouldn't be afraid of buffet dining, especially at holiday time it's the easiest and most hospitable way of satisfying large groups of people. Although there is a tendency to over eat at buffets, and also to waste a lot of food - because often peoples eyes are hungrier than their stomachs.

So we recommend that you enjoy the holiday (or cruise ship) buffets in moderation. Stick to the well heated or piping hot dishes fresh from the oven, stove or crock pot, and go vegetarian, or vegan as much as you can. Also helps to not be first on line for a buffet, this way you can see who keels over first! (just kidding)

Happy Holidays!

More recipe segments and videos to come this week!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Salad with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds & Pomegranate

Watch on YouTube

What would the holidays be without a healthy, organic salad for the table?
In this segment from Organic Living TV we're back at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California with Chef Carin McKay showing us her famous Organic Salad mix with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and Pomegranate!

Regenerative Institute, Bolinas CA

For more information, please visit

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something a non-organic, pepperoni pizza is good for

We don't normally cover such oddball stories on our blog, but this one kind of stuck out from the rest of the news.


Apparently a pizza delivery guy used a pepperoni pizza to defend himself against an armed robber. Not that being robbed and gunpoint is ever humorous, but we just couldn't help ourselves in commenting on the best use of a non-organic, pepperoni pizza!

In this situation, "Domino's" most certainly delivered!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happiness is contagious : )

In this article from we discover something we've all pretty much known all along, which is that the generating feelings of happiness and cheeriness actually reverberate from person to person creating a 'social network' of joy between friends and loved ones.

These scientists in England actually calculated that we can increase our happiness level 9% per happy person we interact with, and that this happiness generated can last upwards of a year!

So perhaps you can stop what you're doing right now and think about who you love and why, what makes you happy and gives you joy, and share that with those around you. Then if you can remember to take in the smile from others, to allow the laugh of a child or a friend reach you deeply inside, then these absolute pure moments of good feelings will last longer than we know and bring us closer to those places that are worry free and forever precious.

Smile! You are loved! : )

The Green Phoenix

If there's one clear point that the recent economic downturn emphasizes, its that business as usual for unsustainable practices ought to be a thing of the past.
Whether it's the car manufacturers around the world who need to completely re-tool their vehicles away from fossil fuels, or the paper and logging companies who should redefine their entire industry through the use of industrial hemp, the time has truly come for our global economies to be based on things that make sense for a better planet.

Thus we've coined the term "Green Phoenix" - conjuring up the vision of this majestic new era of peace and prosperity rising from the ashes of over 150 years of unsustainable industrialization. Our interpretation of the Green Phoenix is a redefinition of capitalism where the most innovative products and services that help solve issues are the ones that thrive. 

This article from Newsweek outlines some of President-elect Obama's 'plotting a green course of action.' 

Investing today to put people back to work immediately while focusing on the bright future of creating and building things that just make logical sense, we will look back on these times not in bitterness and remorse, but rather with a sense of appreciation for the larger epiphany it forced us all to have.

We embrace the Green Phoenix!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Veggie Tempura on Organic Living TV Hippy Gourmet

In this segment from Organic Living TV with the Hippy Gourmet we meet up with William Hibbits from Vegrev who teaches (in a previous YouTube segment) all about powering cars, trucks, buses and boats with used vegetable oil. Here we learn from Chef Mike C. how to cook up some organic and delicious vegetable Tempura!