Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Green Phoenix

If there's one clear point that the recent economic downturn emphasizes, its that business as usual for unsustainable practices ought to be a thing of the past.
Whether it's the car manufacturers around the world who need to completely re-tool their vehicles away from fossil fuels, or the paper and logging companies who should redefine their entire industry through the use of industrial hemp, the time has truly come for our global economies to be based on things that make sense for a better planet.

Thus we've coined the term "Green Phoenix" - conjuring up the vision of this majestic new era of peace and prosperity rising from the ashes of over 150 years of unsustainable industrialization. Our interpretation of the Green Phoenix is a redefinition of capitalism where the most innovative products and services that help solve issues are the ones that thrive. 

This article from Newsweek outlines some of President-elect Obama's 'plotting a green course of action.' 

Investing today to put people back to work immediately while focusing on the bright future of creating and building things that just make logical sense, we will look back on these times not in bitterness and remorse, but rather with a sense of appreciation for the larger epiphany it forced us all to have.

We embrace the Green Phoenix!

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