Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happiness is contagious : )

In this article from we discover something we've all pretty much known all along, which is that the generating feelings of happiness and cheeriness actually reverberate from person to person creating a 'social network' of joy between friends and loved ones.

These scientists in England actually calculated that we can increase our happiness level 9% per happy person we interact with, and that this happiness generated can last upwards of a year!

So perhaps you can stop what you're doing right now and think about who you love and why, what makes you happy and gives you joy, and share that with those around you. Then if you can remember to take in the smile from others, to allow the laugh of a child or a friend reach you deeply inside, then these absolute pure moments of good feelings will last longer than we know and bring us closer to those places that are worry free and forever precious.

Smile! You are loved! : )

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