Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings

It's cold out there these days, and we don't mean just temperature-wise - this "recession" and economic downturn is leaving scores of people scrambling to make ends meet, while keeping their families fed.

More struggling families boils down to more hungry kids, where hunger isn't just about not having their favorite snacks to munch on in between meals - but skipping meals completely, or perhaps going without food for several days a month!

We know that around the world some 932,000,000 children went malnourished in 2008 alone, where the U.N. passed a resolution stating that no child should go hungry, only one country voted 'no' against this global humanitarian aid...we'll let you guess which country (and we should say administration) that is. It's ironic because there is sufficient food supplies to feed over 12 billion people (twice the earth's population).

But here in America, where millions are enjoying the post-glow of opening presents and gearing up for marathon parties and family-style dining, outside there are hundreds of thousands who have nothing. These aren't people who are lazy, or who were greedy about buying too much homes for themselves and their families, these are hard working, good people who have lost jobs, been tossed out of their homes and are otherwise lost under the tsunami of economic forces so much greater than themselves.

This season we donated food rather than give gifts to one another, and we contributed what we could to those shelters that are bursting at their seams from having to feed and house so many more families than ever before.

Today we also took a day off from thinking about food, if nothing else but to remind ourselves of those less fortunate who have nothing to celebrate.

Tomorrow is a new day and we hope you'll join us in the prayer of making this world free from hunger and malnutrition, especially for children.

Peace, Love and Season's Greetings,

Hippy Gourmet

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