Friday, February 27, 2009

Hawaiian Tourism campaign: "A Thousand Smiles"

Do you like balmy, soft nights? The gentle tropical breeze stirring beach side palm trees, overlooking the aqua-blue Pacific? And wonderful times that make lifelong memories?

We have two filming tours under our belt so far of Kauai, Maui and Oahu and there's still so many great stories to feature there that we're heading back for sure! The thing to realize about Hawaii is that it is gorgeous, smells like flowers when you get off the plane and the people are some of the warmest you'll ever encounter.

Last night we attended the Hawaiian Tourism event kicking off their new campaign for "A Thousand Smiles" - this is just the beginning of a nationwide campaign to get folks to learn more about our American paradise location known as the Hawaiian islands.

Have to like the idea of any campaign where people are smiling of course, and with much reduced airfares these days and lots of resorts offering crazy deals, it's time to make plans to go to Hawaii (not to sound like a commercial, but it really is cheaper now to visit).

Recommend taking Hawaiian Airlines over as they're the last remaining domestic carrier to still serve a full (and actually delicious) meal in coach! We know this because we filmed Chef Beverly Gannon the Executive Chef of Hawaiian Airlines, and so we've been backstage seeing all the fresh and perfectly prepared meals boarding the planes.
Don't be surprised if the people you meet at the Hawaiian Airlines check-in counter are related to the folks on the plane and those on the ground where you land, it really is one big happy family there - and guess what, they sincerely appreciate your traveling to visit and go out of their way for you every chance they can.

We'll be returning soon to film on the Big Island of Hawaii and also to visit some of our friends on Kauai, Maui and Oahu.

But better yet, check out and tell us all about your favorite places to visit and take your family on Hawaii.

We know you will just love spending time on any Hawaiian vacation, or to do business there - so please feel free to contact us to ask us our favorite spots, best chefs, most perfect beaches and things to do!


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Nathan Kam said...

James, great to see you the other night and thanks for attending. Hope you have a chance to get to the Gordon Biersch concerts which are sure to be a popular spot on Friday's throughout March...great Hawaiian music heading to the Bay Area.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!