Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pastorino Organic Farm Beets at CafeGibraltar Hippy Gourmet

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In this segment from Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet, we visit Stan Pastorino at Pastorino Organic Farm in Half Moon Bay California. We learn all about the bio-diversity of growing 100% organic certified produce and then meet up with Chef Jose Luis Ugalde from Cafe Gibraltar (also in Half Moon Bay, CA) and cook up Wood Fired Beets, making Mishwi Shamandar Salad!

Cafe Gibraltar

For more information, please visit Cafe Gibraltar
425 Avenue Alhambra
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 560-9039


Liong_be said...

where is that?
are that in indonesia?

hg blogger said...

Pastorino Farm and Cafe Gibraltar are located in Half Moon Bay, California.

Douglas Arrison said...

Great episode - mouth watering dish. Loved the Pastorino organic farm and the family history. Wish I was there!