Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meeting Robert Redford at the Goldman Environmental Awards

On April 20th, we had the absolute pleasure to film both the "Green Carpet" interviews with Al Gore, Robert Redford, Tracy Chapman, as well as to film the 20th Annual Goldman environmental Awards!

Al Gore didn't have much of a chance to chat at the press conference, although we did shake hands with him and he did remember meeting us that time in the Vancouver Airport! It was 2 years ago when Mr. Gore was flying around speaking about the Oscar winning film "Inconvenient Truth," - and at that exact moment we had just arrived in Vancouver to film a series of shows on our "sustainable Vancouver" tour.

We did have a chance to ask Mr. Redford what it's been like to narrate the Goldman Award video segments all these years that features each award winner, we also were so happy to present Mr. Redford with a signed copy of our "Hippy Gourmet's Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy Eating," (Wellness Central) - which brought one of the biggest smiles we saw on his face all night!

Running into the television director for the Goldman Award ceremony, we were honored to be asked to provide some of our HD Green Carpet and balcony-cam footage for their satellite up-link and archival purposes, and as always we are more than happy to contribute to the cause!

Robert Redford is a wonderful and generous man who has devoted his life to the creative spirit and to helping preserve our beautiful planet earth! Al Gore continues to blow us away with his commitment to reversing climate change and for being the tireless advocate for humanity that he is!

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